Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free Time

Well I've had some free time today as Dylan is banned to his room until it meets a certain standard of clean. I've done my computer stuff, made some hand-stamped cards, and who knows what else and I'm pretty sure nothing has been done in there. I keep checking in and things are moved yet still not put away. Yes, his room in overcrowded with toys, but there is a place for everything so I know he has room to put it back away. There are labels on the bins, and many different bins and toy boxes. I'm not sure if nagging is such a good idea anymore and I just want to show him that he can indeed clean his room himself even though he thinks it is impossible. As I am sitting here and typing he comes out of his room holding his finger. I ask him what happened and he says "Well I cut my self with my scissors. I was using my blanket as gloves and had my pocket knife and it just went like this." So much for letting him clean his room alone.

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