Monday, August 17, 2009

It's like I'm on Vacation!

After an afternoon of running errands all over town we finally pull into our driveway. What a relief. Right now we are going through the phase where anytime we go into a store, Dylan thinks he is entitled to get some new toy or something else. He's gotten the "money doesn't grow on trees" lecture and the "we only need 2 things at this store" speech but we're still working on it. Distraction worked today when I kept him in the cart seat and brought along animal crackers but then again we were actually there to look for new sweatpants for this ever-growing boy. Anyway I'll call it a successful shopping excursion. Ok so there we are, unloading all the bags (2) and getting the bottles and cans we picked up along the way. We need to check the mail before going inside so Dylan runs ahead. "There's Mail!" He exclaims. Of course I know this means that yes there is mail, but it is way too far in the back for him to reach, or there is too much, or some other reason that I always have to retrieve it even if he says he is going to. On the way back I am still holding the bags (2), the water bottle and pop can, his blanket (which somehow made it into the truck), my overloaded purse, and now the mail. As we walk back to the house he is skipping and gleefully yells, "Look Mom, you are carrying everything and I am holding nothing. It's like I'm on Vacation"

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