Monday, August 31, 2009

Steak Night

My husband Shane has taken it upon himself to learn how to select, charcoal bbq and devour the perfect steak. This is serious business so far. We've had some friends over to help us determine the ratings as well. Thank you Dave and Stephanie (and baby Asher in womb).
When I met Shane he was definitely a great breakfast cook -think pancakes, breakfast burritos and scrambled eggs- but didn't enjoy venturing too far from what he knew. In the last year that we have been married he has really kicked it up a notch, trying new cooking methods and flavors. I am very impressed! It is so great to see him enjoying something I enjoy too. He even passed on the phrase "you eat first with your eyes" and I couldn't help but laugh. He has become one great companion in kitchen as well as in life.
Ok back to the steak. So far his ratings are as this:
Thin Cut Rib Eye: 8.25
New York Thick Cut: 7.75
Top Sirloin: 7.50
We don't do steak that often but it sure is a fun way to spend a Sunday night as a family :)


  1. You'll have to come over and try some of my Tri-Tip.

    Also, what kind of spices/seasoning is he using?

  2. I am the main marinator, maybe you can mix up a batch of your special seasoning salt for his birthday... sounds yummy!