Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drama of school...

Today Dylan was playing with an alphabet talking game thing and I was vacuuming the rug in the dining room real quick when he sprang up and bolted to his room. As soon as the vacuum went off he came out and said "I need quiet to focus." and went back to work. He got another letter matched to the sound and congratulated himself, "Good job Dylan." Then as I write this he is playing the music version and after a song finished he proclaimed, "That song was so good it makes me want to cry." Who is this boy and what has he done with my child? We also played with some silly glasses today as well. One pair was actually Daddy's when he was in junior high.


  1. Way cool to see and hear of him growing into a boy. It's a great journey.

  2. Where does he come up with some of this stuff? =) And come you follow both Shannon and Josh's blog, but not mine? RUDE! ;)