Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day

Well today was "officially" Dylan's first day of preschool home with me and so far it's gone pretty well. Right now he is resting as he says, why would a preschooler want to take a nap? We started the school year off with a farm theme. Ellensburg is a big agricultural town so it just fits. We did math games with feathers, drew lines from the farmer to the tractor, read farm animal books, had popcorn for a snack, colored a picture of his favorite activity over the summer and went on a bike ride all over the neighborhood. After nap we'll probably do some musical things and maybe watch a movie later. We also realized that the praying mantis that we found last week is still in the planter by our front door, so now we have a new little pet. Dylan named him Lime-Spikey, but his real name is Spike he says. Hopefully he's finding some bugs to eat in there! Tomorrow we will take a field trip to the U-pick corn patch down the road. More excitement to come.

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