Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Field Trip

Well we took our first field trip today to Olmstead Place State Park in Ellensburg, WA. It is a restored farm from the 1800s and was pretty cool. They give guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays and I think you probably get to see a little more but we had fun just wandering around at our own pace. Dylan got to touch old tractors and plows. He couldn't believe that John Deere has been around that long. We got to see an old cabin that was originally used as a fort and an old well pump. There was also a pig that they found on the grounds a few months ago and no one has claimed so they've adopted her. Dylan and I also found some old wheat that we saved to use for a farmer art project. Dylan had a blast and couldn't believe that there are farms "in our life" meaning in reality. We also saw a giant herd of sheep and some cows on the way out too. At story time at the library the teacher even read books about the farm and we picked up some more to read at home. Boy oh boy what a farm-tastic day!

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