Friday, October 16, 2009

Crafty Ghosts

Well Dylan has been at it again. I sort of came up with this, sort of stole the idea from someone else, but I can't remember who, so anyway.... This week we made some scary (although not too scary) ghosts to hang around and outside the house. Cute and easy recycling craft project. Take a white plastic shopping bag, such as one from Safeway, and fill it with two or three scrunched up shopping bags (whatever color you have more of) and push the bags up towards the bottom of the bag to make a ball shape. Secure with a rubber band or something else. Cut the tops of the handles off so the ghost looks flowy instead of loopy and draw on any sort of scary or silly face you can think of. And voila, decoration in no time flat. I hung some from string outside by the front door and taped some up around the mirror inside the front entry. Happy Fall Everyone!!

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