Monday, November 30, 2009

All I want to do is...

sleep, sleep, sleep! I know that Danielle is staying after school today and we don't need to pick her up until 3:45pm so here I am at 2:30 and yet to have showered. Sure we have done some stuff today, but it has definitely been a lazy day. At least there are plenty of leftovers in the house to keep us fed and a few extra cable channels to keep us busy. Tomorrow will be a real day where I'll have to be out of the house early so I can keep pushing it for a little bit. Tomorrow is Bible study at 9am followed by library story time for the boy, then lab work for the pregnancy, home for lunch and rest, then pick up Danielle and going back into town for a dr.'s appointment to try to hear the baby's heart beat. At 10 weeks we should be able to any day! Just thinking about all of that makes me tired. On top of all of it I was feeling sort of lousy this morning and laying down but got up to see Shane off for work and kissed him goodbye then had to run to the bathroom. Now he thinks that I am going to throw up every time I kiss him, poor guy!

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