Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa time!

Well the picture is a little bit blurry but I got the kids with Santa, the big jolly old man as Dylan so lovingly calls him. This was part of Ellensburg's Moments to Remember that they put on the weekend following Thanksgiving. There is a craft fair with local vendors, Santa obviously, and then a chili feed. After everyone had their fill of chili, ice cream and apple cider we took a tractor ride down town from to fair grounds and watched the turn on the lights in town. There was also a live nativity and a ballet recital. Sort of a fun way to kick off the holiday season and be out in the community. I heard someone say that it's now about 2 weeks to Christmas, is that right? I don't feel like getting the calendar out to verify so it's probably right. It sounds like we won't have any outside lights this year since the weather isn't cooperating. Single digit temperatures aren't my favorite. When we got out all the Christmas decorations the other day Dylan decided that his newest favorite toy is the Nativity set we have in the living room. Who knew a porcelain baby Jesus could be so interesting.

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