Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Moves

So I officially started feeling the baby moving around this week, Tuesday to be exact, and now I feel dancing all the time. It's pretty weird because it has been so long since I've housed a fetus and I know no one else can feel it from the outside, but it's really real. The picture I took on the left shows me holding a photo of a 17week baby to scale. It's hard to imagine something that big is fitting inside of me already :)
We had the "Mom" talk today inside the Dollar Store. Danielle asked me if it was ok if she could call me Mom. She says I treat her the way a mom should treat her daughter and that made me so proud. I am so glad that even though we have our daily and weekly ups and downs that our family unit is really coming together.


  1. That is so sweet of Danielle....I started tearing up when I read that. =] That just goes to show that you are doing such a wonderful job taking care of BOTH of your children (and the new one on the way too). I'm so happy for you Shani. =]

  2. This made me all warm inside:) You are a good momma!