Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shopping Weekend

Danielle has Tolo coming up on Saturday the 16th and I am learning what a drag our little town of Ellensburg can be for finding a dress. Most of Saturday we spent looking at every single clothing store (ok there are only like 6 but still it took a while) then today we decided to try Yakima. Since it's over a 1/2 hour drive and the truck is definitely not gas friendly, Shane drove the Kia so we all went together. After 4 stores there we finally found her perfect dress. Cute cute, I'll have pictures for that next week but for now I have to take it in a little bit. They only had size medium and she is so tiny, but it shouldn't be too difficult with my handy sewing machine I got for Christmas. Dylan behaved like a gentleman and we even got to have a nice early dinner at Appleby's. The baby loves Caesar salads :) I also got to run into Old Navy and buy 2 brand new shirts and a perfect undershirt so I am excited. Almost all of my other maternity clothes so far are borrowed which is fine, but getting new clothes is so fun!! I've got my doctor's check up tomorrow so I can check in with the little one and also ask her if my blood pressure is ok. I sort of fainted yesterday. I think I was standing too long with my knees locked but it was crazy. I don't think I want that to happen again.

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