Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ups and Downs

Today is my mom's birthday, Happy Birthday Mom. We got to visit with her Sunday and Monday and that was great! I hope today gets better!

I hope it gets better because we found out that Josh, my little brother, has Malaria! Crazy I know. He's not in the hospital but still pretty sick. His friend who contracted it is already starting to get better, but it is still VERY scary, especially since he is so far away in Togo, Africa. Just a few days ago he was in a village where they had never seen a while person before. I am so proud he is doing God's work but I hope he can get better soon.

On a funny note, while Dylan was doing a math worksheet today during school he started to write a number kind of funny and I was like what is that? With out pausing to think he replied, "It's a Mexican Four." I still laugh thinking about it! Who comes up with this stuff.

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