Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boy's day

Well the boys are off doing things with Shane's new jeep and hanging out with Grandpa Larry before Shane starts work later today. Dylan asked me today "How old is Daddy." I replied 37 and then he asked "But when is he going to be 20?" haha I'm not sure what he was curious about but I thought it was funny. Now I'm just home paying some bills (two credit cards paid off this week, whoohoo!!!) and watching Bringing Home Baby and a Baby Story on TLC. This baby is 21 weeks along today, the length of a banana (7.25 inches) and about 10.5 ounces. If this is accurate for mine, the baby has gained an ounce and a half in one week! Everything about this baby growing amazes me. The Dugger family (who also has a show on TLC) had their 19th baby at 24 weeks. She survived but has been in the NICU since December so it is somewhat reassuring that if something were to happen and this baby came in 4 weeks that it would still survive. But baby please give me another 12 weeks at least. I'm ready to have the baby around now but we are definitely not ready or set up or anything like that. With Dylan I was so apprehensive about everything that had to do with me being in charge of this tiny baby and while I know it is going to be a huge undertaking with a newborn in the house, I just know it will all be fine.

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  1. I can't wait until the baby is born!! Please call me tomorrow as soon as you want to after the appointment! =]