Saturday, February 27, 2010

Second Field Trip

We took a field trip to the Kittitas County Museum here in town and we had a day of learning all about things that were found or made here in our county. We learned about the town's history and saw some pretty neat old stuff. Some of his favorite parts were looking at the piece of petrified dinosaur bone, an old army jeep, a horse and buggy ("that's what their cars looked like?"), old saddles and vehicles and even a picture of what kids looked like in the 8th grade in 1910, 100 years ago. In one of the above pictures Dylan is standing below a photograph of Shane's great grandpa (Frank Gilmour) and his brother who opened one of the first grocery stores here in town. He thought it was pretty cool to have a real connection like that to Ellensburg. After we got home we cut up brochures and maps of Ellensburg and Kittitas County and made a cool collage of what we learned about.
Dylan looking at rocks, minerals and petrified wood found in the area.
Here is a view from the outside.

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