Monday, March 15, 2010

Sizes and Measures

I had my 24 week check up (a few days early) and I actually gained five pounds. I couldn't be more excited! The one time in my life I shall celebrate for the scale going up. The baby's heartbeat sounds strong and my blood pressure and everything is good so that is reassuring but I'm measuring smaller than I should at this point (my uterus) so they are going to do another ultrasound in 2 weeks just to make sure the little guy is growing right on target. Hopefully he is just trying to stay small to make the delivery easier :) Either way he seems to be moving around like crazy and getting bigger. I was laying on my side the other day and felt him on both sides of my tummy so I know he is getting pretty long too.
We got a free bouncer chair and travel swing today from another mom in town and surprisingly Dylan is so excited about it. He has both in his room right now for quiet time playing with stuffed animal "babies". Pretending they are sleeping or eating or watching a movie with him. I am glad that (at least for now) he is very excited for his upcoming little brother.

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