Wednesday, April 14, 2010

28 weeks

Well Dylan is turning into quite the little photographer. He took this one of me yesterday at just under 28 weeks. I also found several more of the dog and the floor and his backpack from when I was taking a nap so maybe he needs some more practice :) Danielle had her first softball game yesterday (a double header, 2 away games) and she played well. She was out in Right field and was at bat once. Her first home game is next week so Dylan and I are so excited to see her play. She only has one day when her games are on the weekend so that is all that Shane will get to see her play so we are making sure that we are at the only other 2 home games on week days. BTW she is having a tournament on May 8th in Royal (where ever that is!) like a 3 game all day thing.
We are busy busy busy these weekends coming up. We don't have a single Saturday where something isn't planned, crazy! Some of these things are fun, like camping, baby showers and visiting our friends, but some may be a little less.
This Saturday is a MOPS conference at our location here in Ellensburg. We are hosting the event for all of our region which includes Wenatchee and Yakima and the cities in between. Should be pretty exciting to be a part of!

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  1. I love this post. I was chuckling reading about Dylan taking those pics (reminds me of another certain young boy about 15 years ago). Cool to hear about Danielle. Let me know her schedule coming up. Maybe I can try to come to one of the day games if the weather over the pass is good.