Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catchin' Up on April

I have been doing some sewing here and there and Dylan asked if he could learn how to use the sewing machine. He decided to make a little cuddle blanket for his little brother so he used the machine for most of it and then I taught him how to sew by hand as well. He did great, stayed focused and didn't even poke himself :)
Dylan has been working hard at his "homeschool" and made it through two giant work books (one he got on his birthday, March 8th, so he's been working quick) and they came with certificates of completion. He is very proud to be able to count to 50 and to 100 with my help. He is also working on understanding money, time and the vowels in the alphabet.
Danielle really, really, really wanted to dye her hair red for Prom (and for however long it takes to grow out) so with the help of some of her babysitting money, money from her dad and me, and mainly money from her grandma and great-aunt she was able to get exactly the hair she has been dying for. Pictures from prom will be taken on Saturday and I will get those on here as soon as possible.
Me at 30 weeks today! Yikes, 10 to go I can hardly believe it. Baby boy is around 3 pounds now and growing daily. Shane suggested a name last night that I actually liked and didn't associate with anyone else and hopefully more talk on that tonight. One of these days he will have a name, whether or not it comes to the hospital is debatable. We have a child birth refresher class on Saturday at the hospital which I am actually looking forward to and then a fun weekend after that.

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  1. Good pun--the color she was "dying" for:)You are such a good mom--I'm so proud of you,