Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Third Trimester

I figured that I would throw in a front view pic mainly because I think it's funny I don't look too pregnant from the front. But then woah I turn to the side and bam there he is. Now I know I am not as huge as I am going to get but things are starting to really get pushed around in there. Sleep is getting more uncomfortable although I am exhausted all the time. I helped babysit today for a meeting (about 14 kids!) and I was completely pooped after 2 hours. Holding a baby that is getting fussier by the minute while your stomach is poking out is not as easy as I thought. I don't know how moms who have/will have 2 under 2 do it. Thank goodness Dylan doesn't need to be picked up much anymore. So that being said I am 27 weeks today and according to most sources, my third trimester starts today! Wow I can't believe we are this far into it already. I think this baby is going to be a tricky one because he will be kicking and moving around like crazy and as soon as I get Shane to come over and look or feel the little guy stops moving! It's like red light, green light.

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