Tuesday, May 25, 2010

34 weeks, one day early

Here we are, one day shy of 34 weeks. Why do I feel like I look exactly the same as I did a month ago? It's dumb but I'm kind of bummed after my appointment today. I have gained 15lbs total so far (an average pregnant woman should gain between 25-35 total) and I only have a little over a month left. I measured 31cm which I should be at 34cm just like weeks. Two weeks ago I measured 30cm so I should have grown more than 1cm. Baby boy is moving good, heart beat is strong and perfect and my blood pressure is good so everything there is reassuring.... I just hate being told that I'm not "normal." My doctor said that if she had seen me with my last pregnancy and knew I just measured small then she wouldn't worry about it, but she just wants to make sure that everything is ok. It's always good to know what's going on so I go in for another ultrasound next week to check it all out. I guess I should go find a snack to pack on some pounds.

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  1. Well, lets look at a couple of factors: 1) you were younger and still maturing the last time, but as I recall, you did not gain much back then either; 2) you are now taking care of an entire family, and very active at that, so your metabolism is pretty high, which means you won't put extra weight on. All in all, you are doing fine! Enjoy the fact that your body is doing well. Just think, you'll have less to lose after the baby comes.