Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Excited at least...

This was one of my favorites from my shower, just me and Danielle hanging out, enjoying some time together before we get completely overrun with boys!

Here is a picture of one of the highlights of my weekend (although we got to visit old friends so that was definitely the best part). I finally got to cross off changing table/dresser from my list of baby things. I am so excited that all of his clothes and things are not in piles anymore! I still have to figure out exactly where I want everything and if it will all fit since our room is getting more and more cramped, but so exciting. We found a great deal off of craigslist for the exact one I have been looking for for weeks, yay for secondhand!


  1. Cool!! I'm so glad yo found it. But where's the stroller/carrier/jet pack/hummer/ATV?

  2. In the dining room, the most reasonable place right?

  3. I kept looking for one of these. Glad you found one!