Friday, May 7, 2010

Name Crazy

Ahh this is so much harder with two people debating.
I've narrowed down my favorites but Shane keeps going between almost all of them, hopefully some time we can actually decide! He keeps saying we have all these months left to decide but I don't see why we can't decide now,especially since we only have a few options left. Oh well. If this one decides to come as early as his brother then there are less than 7 weeks left.
These are our favorites so please vote. But know you're opinion will only go so far this time around :)

SSA released the 2009 baby name list if you are interested in looking up the popularity


  1. My three favorites are Owen, Weston, and that order! =]

  2. And I think a lot of guys are like that....don't want to decide now because they have "plenty of time" to decide. lol I'm pretty sure Tommy will be the same way and I will be dying too because I just want to get things done!!

  3. Actually, Lincoln is really starting to grow on me....but I still think Owen sounds really good with Sadler.

  4. Well, it looks like we're not helping that much: 25% for 4 of the 5 names.

    Let's see.....Linc Sadler, Wes Sadler, Hmmmmm hard to say.