Monday, May 3, 2010

Softball Monday

Well Danielle has her first, and only, home softball games today. For about 10 minutes there the wind actually stopped and I was so excited. But... as with Spring in Ellensburg the wind is back rattling the windows and I'm pretty sure I hear rain pouring down now as well. Dang it. Hopefully the weather clears up a bit before 4pm today. I really want to be supportive but hopefully I don't have to be too miserable during! This weekend she also has 3 games in a row in Royal City so keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather this weekend too!


  1. Are those 3 games this Saturday?

  2. Yes the games are this Saturday, May 8th starting around 9am. The game today got cancelled (maybe because of the wind?) but it may be rescheduled for Friday, so we'll see.