Tuesday, June 15, 2010

37 Weeks and going strong

We took this picture on Saturday during the BBQ. Shane stuffed the iconic watermelon under his shirt to humor my crazy belly picture idea. So he's bigger than me but it's still fun. That day we ended up going to the lake after and believe me when I say it is quite a spectacle to see a 36 week pregnant woman in a bikini, no matter how small she is carrying. I think I may have sent some children running.
Anyway I had my 37 week appointment scheduled for today but went in yesterday because I wasn't feeling well and good thing I did because with my luck I found out I had Strep Throat. Blah. So now I'm on antibiotics (which are not a problem during pregnancy I am told) for the next 9 days! Yikes. I could have my little one by then. wow. The pills make me a little sick to my stomach even taken with food and I am so drained physically and emotionally but hopefully I can keep up the resting and just deal with it. Baby is measuring 35cm, so he's catching up to what is "usual" (though still on the smaller end) but will officially be considered full-term tomorrow. Which means his lungs are developed, all of his organs are functioning, and he's ready to make his entrance. Baby boy is welcome to wait until next weekend though because I set up a pregnancy massage on Saturday (my mother's day gift) and a pedicure next wednesday (my shower gift) and Dylan is going to VBS all next week. So after some pampering and me time I will be ready to never have any again for the next two years probably.


  1. That's so crazy that he could be here anytime now!! I can't wait! You'll have to let me know when I can come up after he is born (I promise I won't be any trouble and I can even buy and make dinner and clean, etc. for you. =]

  2. I love the new layout for the blog......and I love your updates (You too Jax). Let's have that boy wait a few more weeks tho, so your brother can be here when the baby comes out.

  3. Shani, your blog really makes me laugh--so cute the things you say. I can't believe it's almost time. It seemed to go so fast, but then, I'm not the pregnant one. I'm ready to help whatever you need for me to do. Hopefully Josh will be back when the little guy makes his entrance. I agree, snazzy new blog layout.