Thursday, June 3, 2010

Into June... 35/35

35 week picture a day late but still doing good. 35/35 means that I am 35 weeks into the pregnancy and only 35 days left until D-Day, if not sooner. WOW!! Not many new changes to report other than our little guy has gotten the hiccups a couple times in the last few days. They aren't as strong as I remember Dylan having them, but it is a rhythmic tap usually lasting a few minutes so it is pretty cute. Danielle held up a watermelon to her belly today and tried to compare it to my belly. After weighing it in at 14 lbs, it's pretty much the same as my belly with her little brother in it :)
Dylan: "Pregnant women have to do lots of yoga." Me: "How do you know that?" Him: "I just do."
Danielle: "Man babies sure need a lot of stuff!"

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