Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh Mama

I took Dylan to his first day of Vacation Bible School this morning and saw a lot of friends I haven't seen in quite a while (pregnancy and weeks of sickness haven't helped my social life) and I got the comment "you are actually looking pregnant now." I guess I will be flattered.
At almost 38 weeks, I am feeling really good lately. My only complaints are minor but include pinched nerves (or something) right where my leg meets my body when I get up from sitting for a long time or just from walking, some Braxton Hicks (practice/fake contractions-which are perfectly normal and don't mean anything really) and just the general feeling of being big. Baby boy doesn't have much room left and when he stretches, all of my organs get rearranged.
Shane has been really sweet lately and has been helping me around the house and always asking how I'm doing or feeling. I think it is finally sinking in that D-day could be anyday now. The kids also emptied the dishwasher tonight and then helped me fold baby clothes and organize everything to make sure we are ready. (I got free and clear detergent, which Shane thinks is sort of a waste of money, but it's only little clothes so a little bottle should go a long way) I am excited to know that the kids are looking forward to meeting their little brother and not dreading him. I just keep hoping and praying that I can continue to be the best mom I can be to the two kids I have now and that I can focus on giving each child the specific attention that they need.


  1. YOU......... are such a great mommy!!! The kids and Shane are blessed to have you. Sure I'm biased, but I still believe it to be true.

    I'm glad to hear you are feeling well overall.

  2. Eeeek, I'm so excited for you. I love that shirt on you! =]