Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sick Day

Well luckily Dylan isn't in school yet or today would have been a sick day. Yesterday he got this weird rapid onset fever and sore throat so we had to make a pitstop to pick up Tylenol from Safeway before picking Danielle up from drivers ed. Then we get home and he rests, gets a bath and goes to bed at 7. He gets up this morning at about 7:20 and says "sorry mom I got up to get a drink of water and puked." Turns out this was in the middle of the night and he just blew it off and went back to bed. At least he let us get some sleep but old puke on a comforter and sheets almost made some fresh puke via me. He still feels a little feverish and hasn't eaten much but says his stomach doesn't feel bad but we have decide to have a movie day today. Poor dude. Luckily he's ok with just hanging out on the couch. Just please, please don't let me get anything. Continued nesting is helping get this house in order, I'm not ready to stop yet!

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