Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ultrasounds and Random Thoughts

Yesterday I had another sizing ultrasound in Yakima and while the baby is only estimated in the 23rd %, all is well. He is measuring about 4lbs 13 or 14 oz. Pretty close to 5 pounds. I think they are considered premie before 37 weeks but they won't let them out of the hospital until 5 pounds so if for any reason the little guy decides to come before we are ready then if he gains a few more ounces we wouldn't have to stay in the hospital. I didn't get any more pictures since his face is so far into the pelvis but his heart rate is strong and his belly looks nice and chubby (from what you can see on a fuzzy black and white screen). I made my last run to Target while in Yakima yesterday and picked up a few things that I will need for delivery and a couple things for baby too.
At 35 weeks today things are getting pretty real. Only 5 more to go! I told myself I wouldn't consider him coming earlier than this and we got all of our busy weekends out of the way so now I can take some time and relax a bit. It couldn't have come at a better time. My ankles have started to swell up and it feels like my fingers are starting to a little too. My wedding ring has always been pretty easy to get off and on but lately it's a bit tighter and I've been taking it off at night. Hopefully it doesn't continue much more :)
My plans for this week are to finish cleaning up after our Memorial Day camping trip, send out a few random thank you cards, pack my bag for the hospital, Dylan's last day of swimming lessons, a trip to the consignment store in town, a meeting with our attorney, and a MOPS BBQ on Sunday evening. Shane says he is actually going to pull weeds with the kids this weekend (I've given up on it, sad to say) so we will see if that happens too.
Ah Life. It doesn't just stop so you can catch up. After today Danielle has only 7 days left of school and one of those is a half day. I can't believe I will have a Kindergartner and a Junior in High School after that! The Saturday after Danielle's last day of school we are having a BBQ over here and invited her whole class to come (40+) but as of this morning she said about 5 or so have said they are going to come... So for me the goal is to get through June 12th and then after that not plan anything... but I know that won't happen. VBS and other activities are happening, Driver's Ed, trips to the lake... oh man. Atleast Dylan has friends to play with outside this summer to entertain him.


  1. Honey, Only 5 more weeks before the baby comes--wow! All of this concern that he will come early...there's always the possibility he'll be late. A teacher at my school had a 5 pound baby and he was only a week early. Your guy is doing just fine:) Make sure you rest up as often as you can and don't feel guilty for doing it. I'm so proud of how you take good care of your family and do so much for them. Take care of yourself too <3

  2. You are doing great, Shani!! I sure appreciate the updates and info. Take it easy on those ankles now!!