Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Growing too fast!

Lincoln is just growing every second I swear. He gets up from a nap and I can almost see him growing :) He has more definite sleep and awake times and I am sort of figuring out his night time routine. Other than the grunting noises he makes for about an hour before waking up in the morning, he is sleeping pretty well. Hopefully I will be too.
Here is Dylan riding his bike without training wheels! It wasn't the first time since I didn't have a camera when I first saw him (although he did it once, then lost his helmet for a few days so he couldn't show me, then we finally found it) but here is his first time with me only. Way to go dude! He needs a little help starting off but otherwise he is cruising up and down the street all by himself!


  1. Way to go Dylannn!! Wooo! I'm so proud! And Lincoln is so adorable adn getting big already! Tell those boys to stop ndowing up! =]

  2. Lincoln is getting his "look" and growing out of the newborn stage. He is so cute, and I'm not just saying that 'cuz I'm Grandma! I'm so proud of Dylan. It's so weird to think you have one who is so dependent on you, one who is now riding a bike without training wheels, and one who is driving a car!