Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr. Lincoln's entrance into this world

My water broke at 11:30 and we checked into the hospital at 12:03pm on 7/3/10. As we pulled into the small community hospital I joked that the parking lot looked pretty full but didn't expect all of the birthing rooms to be full! We had to start off in the waiting room for a half an hour watching contractions while they cleaned up a room for us. Score, we got one of the two "good" rooms in the birthing center. They checked me and I was at 6-7cm and I debated for a while if I wanted an epidural or just an IV medication. When I finally (15 min. later) decided that I wanted to try Stadol, an IV drug to take the edge off the pain, the nurse checked me before calling the dr to order it and I was at 9-10 cm, fully dilated. So she sped off to call the doctor to come in, it was almost time to push! I looked at my husband and with a tinge of panic in my eyes said "I'm going to have this baby without any medication!" I definitely did not plan on that. I wasn't opposed but I hadn't prepared myself for a natural birth. While the dr. was getting set up we decided to let my step-daughter be in the room for the delivery and believe it or not in 3 contractions (and an estimation of 8 pushes) at 2:13am Lincoln Shane Sadler came into the world. He was 6lb 12oz and 20 in. long with a head of thick black hair and just perfect. He was born 4 days early and we were only in the hospital for a total of 18 hours.


  1. Yay!! I love him and miss him already!! =]

  2. I can now tell you how happy we both are to see Lincoln and know everything went OK!...It took me a long time to finally figure out how to get on your blog but persistance has paid off.