Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's a Mom thing

For the record, this mom thing is a lot of work. Sure I'm not squeezing in having a real job but that might be a break from having three kids with lives and trying to manage a household. I just want to have a record of what a 10-day block of time like just for my own sanity so here goes.
Thursday 8/5- Dylan wakes up sick and has a temperature. He is lethargic and only eats two bites of mac n' cheese that I made with Lincoln in front pack. Danielle drives into town for the first time alone since getting her license. Worry until I get a phone call that she is in town safe with a friend. Finally I decide I should call the dr. in case Dylan has strep throat again and get a 3:45pm appointment, the last of the day. Sure enough he does have strep and we are off to Fred Meyer to pick up prescription. Get home and make dinner, fritatta, and then the joys of Lincoln's fussy time after 7pm until he finally conks out.
Friday 8/6 - Wake up not feeling well. Decide that we are going to have a movie day so mom can take it easy. Veggie Tales then Jurassic Park and half of the second one before he finds something else to do. Decide that I should get checked for strep now since I'm still not feeling better and to make sure the baby is ok too. It's 5pm. After spending 2 hours in the er (my dr. was closed on Fridays) with a boy who is feeling much better and is stuck in a small room and a baby who just can't relax, I find out that I don't have strep according to the swab but the dr will still do a culture to rule it out and gives me antibiotics anyway. Spend an agonizing 20 minutes in Riteaid waiting for prescription while baby is almost screaming and Dylan is talking non-stop. Shane gets home from work before I even get home and luckily throws a lasagna in the oven but Danielle isn't answering her phone while spending the night at friends. Since she drove over there we are paranoid that she is abusing her freedom so we finally call her friend and learn that Danielle's phone was just in her purse so that is why she didn't answer.
Saturday 8/7 - Dylan has been on antibiotics for over 24 hours so he can finally play with his friends, freedom for me. Shane leaves early in the morning to check on hunting stuff with his friend so I am home again with the kids. Around 5pm go to a BBQ at friends house with 3 other families. Show off baby but have to feed him alone in back room, feels lonely. Lincoln starts getting fussy and finally haul everyone out of there.
Sunday 8/8 - Shane and Danielle go up in mountains to get firewood so I am home with Dylan and Lincoln. Dad's birthday so we keep trying to get ahold of each other. Still feel yucky and have a lazy day again. I can't even remember what I did.
Monday 8/9 - I have my 6 week postpardom appointment with doctor. Realize that I left my cell phone at home and this is the first time I've left baby alone with Shane. Wait is excruciatingly long and can't check in. Check out well but never enjoy that kind of thing. Get home and luckily baby took the bottle from Shane, small sigh of relief.
Tuesday 8/10 - Sleep in thinking I have nothing to do then get phone call at 9:30 asking if my coffee date with girlfriend at 10 is still on. Yes, I need friend time! Jump in shower and clean up kids. Enjoy latte and conversation, remind myself that I am still sane.
Wednesday 8/11 - Planned on going to MOPS park playdate but don't feel like getting the kids ready on time. Instead run errand that were planned but mainly drive Danielle around to get applications and find out what places are hiring since she doesn't want to waste her own gas money. Have to pick up a few groceries still so I nurse Linc in the truck while the kids are dropping off stuff at goodwill and picking up a birthday present for Dylan's friends party. Realize that I didn't bring a baby carrier (front pack or sling) so I hope he will sit calmly in carseat while I shop. Wrong. Hold baby while pushing cart with one hand. Grr. Get home finally. Help Danielle fill out 4 applications. Warm up frozen chili for dinner. Find out that Dylan went on bike ride with friends to different neighborhood even though one boy was a teenager. Not happy. Argue about what back to school clothes shopping is going to be. Go to sleep. Exhausted.
Thursday 8/12 wake up at 2am to feed Lincoln. He goes right back to sleep and figure I will too. Two hours later still wide awake. Finally decide to turn on tv for a while. Turn off tv. Figure I must have fallen asleep some time around 5am. Talk to Shane at 6am as he goes off to get crown on back tooth about how we need a family portrait before Lincoln turns into a toddler. Grumpy and debating second cup of coffee. Email about a bunch of MOPS stuff. Did I tell you I am going to be the discussion group team leader. Excited to have more responsibility and hopefully getting that rewarding feeling of helping other people. Dylan is playing Wii and Danielle gets ready to drop off resumes and applications. Birthday party at 3pm. Thankfully it's a drop-off and pick up kind so maybe I'll have 2 hours of quite time? Told Danielle to visit a friend while in town to ensure my quiet time. Possibly go to Concert in the Park tonight? We will see.
Friday 8/13 - Morning appointment for Danielle to remove wart on foot.
Saturday 8/14 - Krusin' Kittitas. It's a car show and burn out competition but Danielle and I are working in a booth as a fundraiser for her Senior Class Trip next spring. Hopefully I meet some other parents while there. Thinking I'll have to take both boys too since Shane is going to be up doing hunting stuff again with friends.
Sunday 8/15 - Try to get to church on time, maybe even make it early to the "social hour". I should really try to get to know more people. Decide that back to school might be more fun than I thought.


  1. that I've read it, I"M exhausted!

  2. Hey, it sounds like you got this scenario out of my old journal:)