Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School

Both of the older kids started school today! Danielle is a Junior this year and drove herself to school this morning. She has Health, English, Adv. Biology, Mixed Media Art, and Math. She is also thinking about joining the year book team or whatever you call it.

Dylan is a Kinder-kid and I dropped him off. Luckily the teacher planned on parents staying around and we got to see a little of what the day is going to be like including story time and the Pledge of Allegiance.. His teacher is Mrs. O (Overland) and she seems like a great match for Dylan. Man those kids sure have a lot of energy. It sounds like he is going to learn some Spanish too since there are a couple of kids in his class that don't know much English yet.

Dylan sits at the blue table and is right between two girls (everyone is boy girl boy girl). The class has 26 kids and exactly half are boys. Hopefully he makes some good friends :)
His teacher also made care packages for the parents including a cute little note, kleenex, candy and tea.
The last picture is of what Lincoln thinks about having Mommy home all to himself. He and I have already cleaned the house, taken the dog for a walk and worked on some MOPS stuff. Maybe later we will go into town


  1. Oh my gosh, I seriously teared up. Danielle driving herself to school and Dylan starting kindergarten?! Where as the time gone! I'll have to call you later to see how everything went! =] xoxo

  2. These are precious! Dylan looks so cute doing his school stuff; Danielle is growing up; and Lincoln does look awfully happy! Shannon, you are an awesome mom:)

  3. Wow....Incredible. I love the pics and the narrative. I miss you kids so!!