Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hitting the Milestones

First of all I figured I should do one for myself and I figured out I am basically a quarter away from getting my AA when I left college (yeah I know what a dummy right?). Anyway I applied for financial aid on Monday and if that all works out, I'm going to try to finish my classes online for winter quarter. Here is a picture of Lincoln helping me out.
Next are a few pictures of mr Lincoln sucking his thumb, moving his hands/head towards objects and toys, sticking out his tongue, laughing and gripping things with his hands. He is also teething and gets frustrated since he still can't really control his hands to get to his mouth. Another huge step is that he can roll to his side. He favors rolling to his left but I saw today that he can do it both ways. Also his belly button is working towards being an innie :)


  1. That top picture makes him look like Dylan did as a baby. I can't wait to squeeze those cute cheeks soon! I'm proud of you Shannon--you can do it!

  2. Too Cute!!!! And Sha-nay-nay.....what a great idea for you!!! Do it!