Thursday, September 30, 2010

You don't know me from Adam...

Shane took the camera hunting for the next week and a half so here I am without new adorable pictures of Lincoln's rolls on his thighs and forearms (not even in normal places for fat rolls!) so I shall post an awkward story instead.
I was at Fred Meyer the other day doing some grocery shopping. My town is fairly small and I always go to this specific store because I know the lay out and I think it is cheaper than Safeway and SuperOne. Since that is like the hot spot of Ellensburg I see a lot of the same people working there when I am there like every week. One of the guys that works there had a daughter in swim lessons with Dylan so I met him a while ago. Anyway I said Hi yesterday and he came up and said "I know you don't know me from Adam but I'm a little concerned." I looked at him a little awkward because I didn't know if he was going to joke around about how often I am in there or something. "I've known you for a little while now and since you've been pregnant you've had that bruise on your neck..." and I cut him off with another awkward look and laughed. Oh yes my lovely birthmark. I've gotten "hickey" before but this was my first bruise remark to my face at least. Sounds like I shall be wearing my hair down more often so CPS isn't accidentally called.


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  2. Well, at least his heart was in the right place.