Monday, October 11, 2010

Blending In, Lazy Fall Days and a Birthday Too

 I have a picture of Dylan taking a nap in Daddy's camouflage a year or two ago. This year I thought it would be fun to get one of Lincoln in the same pile of clothes. I love how all three of these were taken within a few seconds of each other but his facial expressions are so different.
 Today when Dylan got home from school he was grumpy and said he didn't feel too well so he zonked out for a nap on the couch while I also got Lincoln down for a nap too. Danielle stayed after school for some help so I actually got part of dinner ready and cleaned out the dish washer. Of course I didn't get to finish this before the little one woke up, but hey I had a small moment of silence complete with a picture of a one handed baby and a little boy turning into a little man with a little smear of pink frosting on his cheek from a girls' birthday party at kindergarten.

Danielle is 17 today! I can hardly believe it. This picture was taken a week or two ago by Danielle's friend for her photography class. Danielle had fun being a model and also trashing the dress that they picked up at Goodwill. In this picture she looks so grown up and it makes me realize that we only technically have one more year of her being a "kid." Luckily as she put it the other day, she's very young at heart :)


  1. Your family is just growing up way too fast. the pics. Dyl, so cute and innocent. Dani, so grown up!

  2. Wow, they are growing up so fast!!! Danielle definitely looks older in this picture! Your children are so precious. I appreciate these pictures so I can feel like I'm there with them.