Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeling special

Shane and I came into a little unexpected money a few weeks ago and decided that since almost every penny we earn is going to paying bills and minimizing debt that we would each get a quarter of the money and do WHATEVER we wanted with it. Now other than birthdays or Christmas, I haven't really had an opportunity like this since I worked full time so I thought about it for a few weeks. What did I need but didn't have? No I have everything I need, but what have I really wanted? Shane knew exactly what he wanted from the minute he suggested the idea (which makes me think he had this planned from the beginning) and ordered a rear bumper/tire carrier for his jeep. I used a little of my money here and there for guilty pleasure items like a fashion magazine and a few lattes out. I also ordered a pair of cute slouchy gray suede boots from Target, which I still need to scotchguard before the rain or snow starts. And as I was looking over my wish list I realized one thing that I absolutely wanted but no one could probably pick exactly the design I wanted, so I went for it. Here is a picture:
I got this necklace at thevintagepearl.com I got to pick the charm shapes I wanted, the way the names were printed, and even added an extra "s" one for either shannon, shane or sadler you decide. I just love it. It also came with a little pearl dangle, but I thought that was just too much going on so I took it off for now. Anyway that was my completely unnecessary, over the top outrageous purchase that makes me feel totally special. 


  1. So sweet - what a great idea for you.

  2. I LOVE the necklace. I want to get one similar to that when I have my own kids someday. =]