Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tonsils, tummy time and tiredness

So let's see... Dylan is getting his tonsils and adinoids (sp) out on December 6th so I'll have him home for probably at least a week with that. He kept getting strep throat and the doctor said "well we either take them out or do nothing." so we're taking them out. He is slightly unaware of how he's actually going to feel afterward, but the promise of all the gatoraid and milkshakes he can drink is keeping him happy at the moment.
Lincoln is growing like a weed still. At his 4 month check up yesterday he weighed in at 19lbs3oz and is 26 inches long. He had to get a few vaccines so hopefully he's still in a good mood today since yesterday he was actually really relaxed/tired, I don't know which one. He can also roll from his tummy to his back either way and can roll from one side to the other but not from his back to his tummy, yet. The doctor still says no food until he can sit up on his own (choking hazard) so nothing at Thanksgiving, but maybe by Christmas time. People keep trying to sneak him little bites and although I can't wait until the day he starts eating for some reason, it's driving me crazy.
Danielle and Dylan had conferences yesterday and I am proud to say they are both doing great. Danielle is really gaining self-confidence and is turning into a beautiful young woman. Dylan is being a model friend and actually tested higher on his math testing (yes they test and grade kindergarteners these days) than any kid in either kinder class. wow. Hopefully he keeps this interest in math and reading up and my job will be a whole lot easier when he gets into highschool.
On a note about me, I registered for my online classes through Green River Community College and am taking an English class and Music in World Culture. Only one more quarter, spring quarter, and I should have my AA. At some point I might continue on and get my actual teaching degree but we'll see what the cards have in store.

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  1. Dylan is the same age I was when I got my tonsils and adnoids taken out! And, wow, it's so great to hear how well my niece and nephews are doing! =]