Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is around the corner

Holy mac. I haven't blogged in what feels like an eternity but I'm still here alive and well and doing great. The kids are all growing out and growing up, Shane is working like crazy at UPS (what can I say, online shopping and mailing Christmas presents are big here in a little town) and I am just trying to hold down the fort.
Lincoln is starting to turn in to a compliant and cheerful little bundle of joy. He is almost rolling onto his tummy on his own, is really giggly and babbly (trying to talk in sentences?) and loves to play peek-a-boo. He likes hanging out with his brother and sister and really can't wait to start eating big people food. He's quite a chunk and is going to bed at night beautifully. Sleeping through the night is another story, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one of these days now.
Dylan is on his first big break from school (other than when he was home recovering after surgery) and after we had a big talk the other day, is being quite the son. He already misses kindergarten and is practicing his reading wherever we go. The week after Christmas we are planning on reorganizing his room and hopefully making enough room to fit a crib in there so the boys can bunk together eventually. Dylan couldn't be more excited.
Danielle is growing into quite the mature young lady. Making plans to take the SATs soon and trying to figure out if the wants to do Running Start next year or not. Running Start is where high schoolers get to take college classes for free and get credits for both. There were a few kids at my school that graduated with a high school diploma and a AA degree as well at the same time. She will only be doing this her senior year but she can still get a lot of classes in if she does it right. It's a great opportunity, we just have to make sure that Danielle is ready to handle all the responsibility.
I'm getting ready to start going back to school too on Jan. 3rd three-quarter time to finish my AA as well.  I'm taking an English class and a music class online. I just got both of my books in the mail this week so I'm all ready, just a little apprehensive about trying to make it all work out. Luckily I've made everything else work so I'm sure this will fit in somewhere. I also found a friend who I'm going to trade like an hour a week with so I can write and she can grade papers (she's actually an English professor at the college in town so if I ever need help I know who to turn to as well) so that should be pretty helpful too.
So anyway Christmas is 2 days away and I've got all my wrapping done, other than two from Santa that I ran out of paper for. I figured out what I'm making for dinner for our little family and I'm still trying to hammer down exactly when we're traveling and visiting all of our family. We'll be seeing Shane's side of the family on Christmas day since they live in town and we will be driving over to my sisters house the day after to visit my side of the family. The kids are so excited for the holiday and I don't think it's only about the presents so that's good too.
Check out those baby blues!

Quite the thinker.

Learning how to kick the toys to make lots of noise!

Dylan when he was home recovering, since he couldn't go out in the snow, I brought the snow to him. He also made an ax out of a paper towel tube and a macaroni box.

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