Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping up with the Sadlers

Lincoln favorite new past time, listen closely for "Dada"
 Dylan had cowboy day at school and could dress up and meet "real cowboys". We live in a hick town and his school was having an assembly about the cowboy way, or having character. Yes, Lincoln's bib is purplish, but it says I Love my Sister so it's ok :)
 Cute big boy outfit Auntie Jackie got Lincoln, while sticking out his tongue. I think it looks like a little pickle.
Weird, another tongue shot, he does it a lot. While playing with a plush orange (like the fruit) it sort of landed like this and I thought it looked a little like a bikini top and snapped a pic. Hey you have to have fun with life right?


  1. I love the little vignettes of your life. It helps a little to keep away the feeling o being so far away.

  2. That picture of the bikini top made me laugh out loud!