Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rolling Around and My Little Rascals

 Lincoln playing with one of his favorite toys a stuffed spider while rolling around and being silly.
 A few minutes later he's scooted himself almost all the way to the tv, watch out crawling is on it's way soon. Time to baby-proof. I can't believe he's over six months old and almost 21 pounds and 27 1/2 inches. I call him my little monster. As soon as said monster is sleeping through the night (which is getting closer and closer, maybe if I pray a little harder) he'll be bunking with big bro. I've spent like hours and hours cleaning (two grocery bags full of garbage and dust bunnies) and rearranging and organizing Dylan's room to try to make room for a crib and all the new toys they both got for Christmas. Unfortunately we also found out that Dylan's old crib got broken in one of my moves so Lincoln will be in the pack'n'play until we decide what to do next. I don't want to buy a crib for like 6 months of use but I'm not sure if it will be weird to keep him in the pack'n'play until he's ready for a big boy bed. Plus I want to use all of the adorable bedding that my sister made for Lincoln. Decisions, decisions.
Ok so I'm not sure if this is as funny as I pictured or imagined when I set it up, but here is a picture of my "litter" haha. We got a big box that the diapers and wipes came in (we think it's cheaper to older online than buy from any store here in town) and I just thought it was funny. Too bad I wouldn't actually give them away, I know they're worth something.

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