Saturday, January 15, 2011

Too School for Cool

Well Lincoln is finally sleeping better (whoohoo!) except last night (boo!) but he did go easily to bed at 7:30pm (whoohoo!) although I set my alarm for 6:30am on a Saturday to work on my classes (boo!). I never realized what a commodity time was in my life. Hundreds of Thousands of parents do online college every day *I'm making that up but I'm sure it's accurate or even an underwhelming number* so I know it is possible but man I'm really having to rethink my schedule. The baby is starting to take longer naps so I have some time to work between 8:30 and 2:30, but nothing is guaranteed and I am SO not a night person anymore so my best bet is to get up early. After the kids get home it is a mad house until about 8. From signing behavior charts and explaining homework directions to building self confidence and re-explaining how the SATs work and then jumping into making dinner with one hand. My life is blessedly full. I knew going into it that two classes, or 10 credits, was going to really kick my butt, but I'm glad Shane talked me out of taking all three at once. My seemingly easy elective, Music in World Culture isn't really difficult but it is more time consuming that I realized. The difference is I don't go in for class time and I don't have a set time to work on it, so it feels like I am reading or discussing online or writing vocab. all day long whenever I have 5 minutes. My other class is Writing for Humanities and it is a great class, it's just a writing/English class so I knew I would be writing papers. I have one due on Monday that is half finished now but oh man procrastination is really taking over. I wanted to have it done last night so I could just go to Yakima today and then watch the Seahawks win tomorrow to make it into the playoffs so if I work on it an hour a day (oh puke) then by monday at 11:55pm I should have it done right?

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  1. Keep it up my smart, brave, efficient, hard working daughter! Just whittle the assignments away and all of the sudden you'll realize you made it through....and pray a lot:) I understand since I'm taking a class on line--so much more homework than I thought! Love you sweetie and I continue to be proud of you and your amazingness.