Thursday, January 27, 2011

Worst. Mom. Ever.

So Lincoln his his first big tooth coming in right and he's been a little more irritable than normal (though really not horrible at least) and he was just not wanting to hang out in his exersaucer or high chair while I tried to get dinner going so I strapped him in the front pack and went about broiling the pork. Unfortunately while I turned to answer a question for Danielle while opening the oven door Lincoln lunged forward and grabbed right on the very top. Unfortunately that split second it too me to bat his hand wasn't quick enough and he burned his little fingers. He cried for a few seconds and then kind of stopped so I thought maybe he didn't actually touch it. I was totally stressed out with everything else going on (dinner, trying to disprove the thought that one of the kids thinks I don't support their plans for the future, trying to convince the other one that just because their friend doesn't want to play today doesn't mean they aren't friends anymore and trying to fit school in when there just doesn't seem to be time). Then a few minutes later the crying really began and I finally got a good view and little blisters were on his fingers. Middle, Ring and Pinky. Now two days later they are still a little red but he is using his hands (he never really stopped) and there is only one blister left. Poor kiddo. I've given myself the run through and Shane's been there to pour on the guilt too so I don't need a talking to, I just need to remember to keep my head clear and avoid accidents for anyone.


  1. I still remember how horrified I was when you burned your arm on the curling iron. I was right there with you but I felt so awful. Accidents happen--I know you are a good, cautious mom. I think Lincoln will forgive you--and probably won't reach for the oven any time soon:)

  2. At least he knows not to touch the oven now. =] Poor guy, but he'll recover. You are a wonderful mom!