Thursday, February 17, 2011

College and Beyond

Earlier this week I registered for my final quarter at the community college before I get my AA degree (associates of arts? A two year degree) and I just wanted to thank all of the people who have helped me get where I am now over the course of almost what, ten years. Thank you to my mom and dad who helped me succeed through high school to get into all of the colleges I applied to. Thank you for paying my tuition for Western Washington University and for the outrageous prices for room and board and for being involved there. Also a big thank you to them when they still supported me as I became a mom at a young age and still had faith in me that I could become whatever I wanted to be. Thank you to Uncle Steve and Aunt Judy who paid for my first quarter at community college while I was pregnant. Thank you to my bother and sister who helped me while I was grumpy and turned into a sumo wrestler of a girl. Thanks again to my parents who watched Dylan while I took night classes and online classes and moved me from apartment to apartment. A final thank you now to Shane for nudging me to get back on it and make all the effort pay off in the end.
I applied for graduation a few weeks ago (you have to do it really early apparently) and as long as I finish up in June with the proper grades, I will have a little piece of paper to show for all of my hours and the help of so many friends and family. At least when I enter the "official" work force again I will have a little leg up in the competition.


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  2. Shannon, We love you so much and have always believed in you! You are an amazing young woman and I love having you as my daughter and friend:)Keep it up; you're almost finished! Love Momma