Thursday, February 3, 2011


TCB - Taking Care of Business in the Sadler house. A code Shane and I use when we think what we are in the middle of is more important than whatever the other person wants help with. Or maybe when we just want to sound like we are doing something important. Anyway Dylan's room went under a major overhaul and, while it's still not wonderful and totally overstuffed, it's looking pretty good. When he was home the other day we made his "art gallery" which consists of two wall hooks, some twine, some hand colored clothes pins and some major works of art. Next is putting up some decals and moving out a giant piece of furniture (which I still have to convince Shane isn't working in there) and then trying to jimmyrig the crib and soon the boys will be sharing a room.
See picture of sicky and his "art" he's getting better but still not big into spending too much time. Turkey and a Rainbow.

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  1. Very nice..good to see you are TCBing with the room.