Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day and Swimming with my Tadpoles and other Randoms

 A little fuzzy but here is Lincoln getting ready to show you how he can put food into his own mouth. Yes he's still learning but he's not as lazy as I made him seem before :) (and yes another set of high chair pictures, it's one of the only places I can keep this busy baby still!)
 Using two hands and trying to will his little snack into his mouth
 Ah ha I got it!
 Swimming at the city pool. Dylan, his friend and our neighbor Ricky, Danielle and Lincoln. He didn't really enjoy "swimming" but I set him on that little step there and he just sat and played with a boat for like 20 minutes, pretty exciting. and yes, mommy put on a swim suit for the first time since having baby too.
 My set up for Valentine's day, what a nerd right? Candy and useful things...
 Cookies with homemade buttercream frosting. Some examples for the kids.
 Dylan deciding what he wanted to do...
 Then eating his creativity, yum! You can't tell but that is a heart cookie with a "D" on the top. I won't try it again since the bottom got well done before the top cooked, but I thought it would be cute for the older kids. Danielle didn't ice hers yet because she had a last minute babysitting job on Valentine's night for some friends from our church.


  1. Lincoln looks so much like you did when you were little in the third picture from the top! The kids are all growing up so fast and are so cute. I miss you! It looks like you guys had an awesome Valentine's Day! I hope the kids got their cards from us yesterday...if not, then they should be there today! =] xoxox

  2. They got them and were pretty excited, mail doesn't come addressed to them often...

  3. Good observation Jax....that third pic does rem,ind me of one of Shani's pictures. I'm sorry I didn't do my duty and get some cards out to the kids...