Monday, March 7, 2011

8 Months!

Adventures of our Crazy Life is right. We've been a little crazy and silly lately so I haven't posted in a while but here's a few pictures to recap what's been going on lately. Lincoln is now 8 months old, wowzer, what a big boy. He is sitting up on his own, spending over 5 minutes playing with one toy, eating all sorts of food, taking regular naps during the day, and we think trying to break so more teeth through. He's been uber fussy this last weekend so hopefully they just come out and he can relax again. The top three pictures are from March 3rd. In the first one he looks so much like Daddy, and in the third one he looks a lot like Dylan. I love seeing his personality come out! Last night we but together Lincoln's crib. He's still sleeping in the pack 'n play in our room during the night, but we put the crib together so he can start napping in there and hopefully transition when he is fully sleeping through the night. So of course I had to grab the camera and snap a picture of his first nap. I think he likes to be able to stretch out more, esp. since he is so roll-y now.

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  1. What a great little baby boy. Well, maybe soon I'll be able to see him and the rest of you more.