Friday, March 25, 2011

Farmer in the Ellensburg

I know, I know it's been forever... but with finals week, a cold and then vacation it's been wild. Anyhoo... I will admit I used to loath overalls. Yes I wore them growing up, but I never put Dylan in them and almost handed down another pair that was given to Lincoln but I decided to try them on him today just to see and lo and behold, I love them! He is adorable and I don't know I've just changed my tune. I also put his tractor hat on him for our walk today (actual sunshine was present) and he just looked like he was ready to start his farming career in our agricultural community. so cute. He's getting huge and I've downloaded two videos on facebook of him "crawling" now so don't forget to check that out. Getting the other two kids back on Sunday to restart the craziness of my normal life. Monday I also start my Beginning Digital Photography class to finish up my AA so hopefully I will be taking tons more great pictures.

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