Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Funky Family Fun

 Got all the boys together for a cute little picture. Lincoln up front, Liko, Shane and Dylan, just before he turned 6.
 Linc concentrating hard on making a nice beat on the muffin tins.
 Lincoln and friend Asher having a car playdate at our house. Notice how Linc (8 months) is tasting the cars while Asher (18 months) decided which one he will play with. Such big developments happen in a years time.
 Lincoln smiling just like the baby on his favorite book.
 Lincoln reading his favorite book.
Smooches from Mommy


  1. So, so, so, so soooooooo cute.

  2. Lincoln changes so much in between visits. I can't believe he's reading, haha. Wonderful shot of the "boys" :)