Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekday Adventures

Well we had an interesting afternoon yesterday. I look over into the neighbor's front yard and there is this little pack of turkeys out there. Our little town is sort of in the country, but we live in a neighborhood. It's not like we live out on a farm or anything so this was a little wild for all of us. Anyway I snapped a few pictures of them wandering over to our house, them chasing the kids and finally the owner finding them and trying to wrangle them back home. I guess they escaped from across the field. Word to the wise, if turkeys start chasing you just walk slowly or stand there. Pretty exciting.

 Dylan trying to get a closer look.
 Walking around the trailer and giant dump truck in our driveway... we were getting a new roof put on while all of this was happening by the way.
 Two tom turkeys.
Checking out the house.

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  1. Always exciting around the Sadler compound!!