Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Composition and Crackin' Up

I working on it and trying to get better: Composition, using the Rule of Thirds, Computer Editing Techniques... all interesting. I am actually learning a lot, I just don't get out of the house much so trying to find interesting subjects that the class won't get tired of plus that meet the guidelines is my main challenge.
Dylan didn't want to be a model for this picture but I think it turned out better that way anyway. The only thing I would have changed is my angle a little bit so you don't look up his little snotty nose :)
 Naked crawling adventures I just had to catch. I love the extra little rolls on the back of his thighs. Yes he is still doing the crab/commando crawl, using his toes and left arm to pull himself along, what a goof.
 The boys in their footed pjs.
 Danielle and friend Rylan going to prom.
 Dylan checking out how high the creek near our house has risen since the weather is warming up.
 Mini photographer Dylan with his new (to him!) 35mm camera with "real film" in it. Can't wait to see what those pictures turn out like.
The boys hanging out on a nice day in Kittitas.

And finally the newest finding in the Sadler house, pulling himself up to a standing position. Ah yes he can do it at the couch, in his pack'n'play, by the dishwasher and washing machine, by the toilet (he's a fast crawler what can I say he just got close) and so many more. It sure makes trying to fold a load of laundry fun! He is so unsteady but fearless that he has bumps and bruises all over, mainly a big egg right above his left eye. No I don't beat my kid, he's just a boy! An active, happy, almost unsick little 10 month old who, much to my dismay, will probably be walking in the next few weeks.

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  1. I remember someone else having those same thigh rolls ;0)
    Love Momma