Thursday, May 26, 2011

Growing Up Before My Eyes

Lincoln will be walking before we know it. This little guy is just fearless. He will walk along furniture or the wall and then just let go. So many bumps and bruises but it doesn't phase him, he just keeps going and finding something else to get into.

Danielle is over 5 feet tall now, 5'3/4" according to the measurement Grandpa Larry took last night at Coby's birthday dinner. Wow, she is turning into a beautiful young woman.

Shane and I aren't growing up so much as just growing out and around. His 20 year reunion is in early August and I know he's hoping to tone up a little before then so we'll have to see how that adventure turns out. I've pretty much morphed back into my pre-pregnancy body (thank God since Linc is almost 11 months!) but my stomach muscles got stretched out like an old rubber band. We will be in swim wear a lot this summer so either I just have to not care or do something about it and I think I'm leaning more now towards just not caring.

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